My Everyday Backpack Needs


When I’m carrying things for work or travel, tiny little bags won’t cut it. I like to be mobile & light & ready for action. As soon as you throw a laptop in the mix, you have to up your game.


Here's a list of my backpack requirements:

  1. Chic. This is not 2003 & I’m not rocking a Jansport. I want leather. I want gold hardware. It needs to have beautiful DETAILS.

  2. Functional. I want my backpack to help keep me organized. It should have enough pockets, but only the right pockets. My backpack must keep my laptop safe and it has to be comfortable, lightweight, and durable too.

  3. Priced right. I’m all about investing money back into my business, so I can’t justify spending more than $300 on a backpack.


The problem is that most laptop-functional backpacks are… I’m sorry but… hideous. I do not want rubber material on or anywhere near my backpack. Don’t worry though, I got us covered. Ever since I got my ISM backpack I pretty much haven’t taken it off. 



Here’s why I love the ISM backpack (yes, it meets all my requirements):

1. This Backpack is Beautiful.

It’s made with genuine leather and you get to choose black or gold! Just my style.

2. Pocket Perfection. 

Just a few strategically placed compartments so it doesn’t turn into the Bermuda Triangle in there – nothing extra. 

3. Padded & Waterproof Laptop Compartment.

There’s a separate zip pocket to protect my laptop!



See the Backpack

4. Sturdy and Well-Made. 

Thrown-across-the-floor-tested and the padded straps make it super comfortable to wear and provide back support.

5. Priced Right. 

How is a genuine leather backpack only $235? Unlike many other luxury brands, ISM cuts out the middlewomen and sells directly to the consumer (just like Glossier and Article.)



My backpack is essentially my mobile office and ISM is my backpack soulmate... I treat it as such and thus refuse to fill it up with gum wrappers and old receipts and the lost city of Atlantis. I used to fill up my backpack with all the things I could ever need or want… or thought I could one day need or want. For so long I thought I needed to be more organized, and now I know I just need to have less stuff & declutter & donate things I’m no longer using. 


See the Backpack


By Anna. Read more of her work here. 

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