Form and Function in a Visually Striking Backpack by Russell Fernandez

By Russell-Harvey Fernandez (@onetechtraveller)


ISM Backpacks – The ISM team in San Francisco bring their ‘no compromise’ bags to life after a year in development; culminating into tools that blend form and function in a visually striking backpack. Minimalist, creatives and design-conscious people take interest, as ISM inspire confidence with their bags that work as hard as you do in your daily lives. ISM spearheads The Classic backpack on craftsmanship and detail, an approach that some people (like myself) particularly look out for… attractive design with uncompromising performance.

Uncompromising also means it can appeal to anyone and everyone – unapologetic accentuated lines, refined texture with purpose and distinct personality with confidence. Finesse in the minute detail are what ISM has strived for to bring to life. 

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The Classic

The Classic has a two-tone exterior, using full-grain leather with nylon for added durability. It is discreet in its execution, with a polyester lining that rounds off the look, while adding water-resistant properties across as a result. The Classic comes in black and gold hardware options – a select few colour options that open up your choice on what suits you most.

In the inside, it has a navy polyester twill for the calm and collective. The laptop sleeve that fits up to 15” has some flex for thicker devices or ites you may wish to pack. Whether that’s a laptop, a writing tablet or the traditional books and notepad, it’ll fit all you need for the day.

ISM backpacks were developed with today’s lifestyle in mind. The Classic and has a discrete cable flap towards the lower side corners of each backpack that allows you to stay charged and stay connected without the hassle.  

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More than just a backpack...

ISM looks to build the bridge between form and function, without the compromise. No longer do they need to be mutually exclusive, with smart backpacks that build function into the design. The Classic has a minimal, clean and aesthetically stylish exterior that any design-conscious individual would appreciate. Add clean and efficient interior storage options with power charging capabilities, and ISM has truly created a tool for better work.  

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